Announcing the launch of The Developmental Politics Project

By Rigel Thurston
The Institute for Cultural Evolution is pleased to announce the launch of The Developmental Politics Project, our new subsidiary nonprofit organization. The Developmental Politics Project seeks to:
  1. Use the insights of integral philosophy to help heal the torn social fabric of American culture.
  2. Advance and promote the work of integral philosopher Steve McIntosh.
  3. Foster cultural evolution on every front of its development.

The Project’s essential value proposition is based on the “New Truth” of integral philosophy, which shows how America can overcome its social problems by growing out of them. Our theory of change is that culture and consciousness coevolve when people expand the scope of what they can value.

The Institute for Cultural Evolution parent organization (a 501c3 nonprofit corporation), will now become an umbrella organization that supports a variety of initiatives, with The Developmental Politics Project serving as our flagship project.

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