Cultural Intelligence Practice

Our Invitation to All Sides

This “cultural intelligence practice” is designed to evolve your consciousness by expanding the scope of what you are able to value. The practice’s 3 steps are outlined below.

Are you a…

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Moderate Liberal

Fiscal Conservative

Social Conservative




Step 1: Consider the four circles above. Each represents a major position in the American political spectrum. Click on the circle that is closest to your own political position, and then consider the listed values. Do you reject any of these values? Are any of your important political values missing from this list?

Step 2: Click on each of the other three circles and consider the values held by these alternative political positions. Which of these values can you affirm?

Step 3: Read or watch more about the practice of values integration at these links: Article: Does Human Nature Evolve? or Video: Developmental Politics Simplified in 5-Minutes

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